Pictures of
My Trip to the Dominican Republic


Upon arrival in Puerto Plata  on April 18, 2004 it was raining, so the pictures are a bit dark.

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sosua-from-plane.JPG (37625 bytes) One of the many Dominican beaches as see from the air

puerto-plata.JPG (127517 bytes) One of the better local roads in the area

puerto-plata2.JPG (60236 bytes) View from a hill top near Puerto Plata

puerto-plata3.JPG (52801 bytes) View from a hill top near Puerto Plata

puerto-plata4.JPG (108970 bytes) from the same hill top you can see part of Ocean World where you can swim with the dolphins.

puerto-plata6.JPG (104802 bytes) typical road in the town of Puerto Plata, lots of little shops everywhere. Driving is "every man for himself" most cars have no working tail lights, and motoconchos zipping in and out (motorcycle taxis)

puerto-plata7.JPG (96629 bytes) some nice villas on the hill side

puerto-plata8.JPG (96418 bytes) more views from the same hill top as above

puerto-plata9.JPG (118424 bytes) more views from the same hill top as above

cofresi-beach3.JPG (76040 bytes)  Confresi beach outside Puerto Plata

19-jim1.JPG (53751 bytes) Me on Confresi beach outside Puerto Plata

19-jim2.JPG (56705 bytes) So happy to be here!

old-fort-puerto-plata.JPG (67157 bytes) One of the original forts built by Columbus when he first landed in the Americas

old-fort-puerto-plata2.JPG (73949 bytes) more of the above

old-fort-puerto-plata3.JPG (67848 bytes) more of the above

old-fort-puerto-plata4.JPG (86311 bytes) more of the above

dieter-kenyia.jpg (63434 bytes) My friend Dieter and his wife Kenia

Monday evening...

Having fun so far but have not done much yet as it has been raining off and on the last couple of days and it's supposed to rain most of the next few days. Good thing I have to stay out of the sun anyway or I'd be really pissed...
Quite the experience sitting at the pool bar having a beer and not understanding a single word anybody says. I really have to learn Spanish quick if I want to get the most of my vacation. There are a some people who speak English but they are few and far between as most of the tourists that come to this area are from Germany so if they speak anything other than Spanish it's German and not English. I can get the gist from written Spanish but spoken is out of the question for the most part.
The music is great, the people very friendly, the climate (even with the rain) is wonderful and the scenery is fantastic. Everything is very inexpensive here. About a dollar a beer etc.

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