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My Trip to the Dominican Republic


Wednesday, April 21, 2004

Partly cloudy and HOT today. It rained like a son of a bitch last night (what else is new)

21-flooded-road.JPG (58396 bytes) The road leading to my hotel is flooded from the rain, sewer systems are rare to nonexistent so the water just goes where it wants. The whole field to the right is under about 10 feet of water.

21-beach-flower.JPG (66430 bytes) No idea what kind of plant this is but it sure is beautiful. It's on a vine creeping across the beach

21-jim-beach3.JPG (62560 bytes) That's me taking the picture of the above flower

21-beach.JPG (55726 bytes) Said beach where the vine was. At the waters edge is very jagged lava rocks that would slice you into shreds, but sure looks nice.

21-trond-rosasngi.JPG (79293 bytes) My new friends Trond and Rosangni - He spent 2 days of travel to come from Norway to meet her after seeing pictures on my friend Dieter's Latin Affairs Introductions website at They just got engaged yesterday!

21-cove.JPG (58335 bytes) The water from the flooded field ends up running into the ocean from this little cove

21-jim-cove4.JPG (64579 bytes) Barefoot and loving it!

21-jim-cove.JPG (62816 bytes) Exploring the cove

21-jim-cove5.JPG (82046 bytes) The waves have washed away about 16 inches of sand

21-tree.JPG (168051 bytes) Trees like this are everywhere, sometimes the roots look like little walls as they reach out.

21-sosua-beach2.JPG (39058 bytes) 21-sosua-beach3.JPG (53599 bytes) 21-sosua-beach4.JPG (49117 bytes) I went for a walk in the afternoon and ended up on the main beach in Sosua.

21-footprints.JPG (23850 bytes) Looking back at my footprints in the sand.

21-sosua-beach5.JPG (50127 bytes) 21-sosua-beach6.JPG (49542 bytes) 21-sosua-beach8.JPG (87630 bytes) These are from the far end of Sosua beach

21-sosua-beach-shops.JPG (122176 bytes) The whole way along the beach, just inside the tree line are bars, restaurants, and tons of little shops.

21-lobster.JPG (85504 bytes) At one of the little restaurants was this lobster tank. This beauty has a tail that is about 4 inches wide!!!

21-lobster2.JPG (67072 bytes) The other end of the tank had another huge lobster and a small shark.

2 hours of walking makes one quite sweaty, so it was back to the hotel for more suntan lotion. Soon as i got there it started to rain, so i decided it's time for some beers!

21-bar-staff.JPG (50003 bytes) These are the girls that work at the pool bar at my hotel. (yes I know the picture is blurry, after 4 beers my hands were not that steady)

21-more-rain.JPG (67839 bytes) This is the view behind the bar stool where I took the above photo. Rain, rain and more rain.

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