Pictures of
My Trip to the Dominican Republic


Tuesday, April 20, 2004

How nice to wake up to a nice sunny day!

hotel-restaurant.JPG (499778 bytes) view from the hotel open air restaurant while I'm having my breakfast.

hotel-room.JPG (287147 bytes) my hotel room, basic but only 15.00 a day so I sure can't complain.

view-from-room.JPG (362619 bytes) this is the view from the patio of my hotel room, note the little pool side bar where I've spent an hour or two every night drinking 60 peso beer. Interesting when you can't understand a single word anybody is saying...

ocean-sosua.JPG (254631 bytes) went for a walk this morning and came across this little outcropping with a marvellous view of the turquoise ocean.

ocean-sosua2.JPG (273061 bytes) starting to get cloudy but it's hot already at 9 am.

beach.JPG (199179 bytes) this is a private beach for the Ocean View hotel. Dieter tells me that they just built it about 3 months ago.

beach2.JPG (253572 bytes) another view of the same beach. From where I'm standing it is about 150 feet straight down a coral cliff face.

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