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The Following Poem is Copyrighted by Jim Bullen 11/22/98 and may not be reproduced in whole or in part without prior written approval by the Author.

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What is Love?

Love is the smile when I hear your voice.

It's the way my heart shines when I'm with you.

Love is complete trust and understanding.

It's the total sense of loss when you're not here.

Love is the sparkle in your eye.

It's the true meaning behind your smile.

Love is being together, both by choice.

It's the laughter and silly games we play.

Love is from the heart and soul.

It's the little things that show we care.

Love is giving and sharing without want for return.

It's a feeling, unique, unmistakable.

Love is walking in the park, spotting a deer.

It's spending time just being together.

Love is splashing in the river or laying in tall grass.

It's the warmth of cuddling in front of the TV.

Love is the inside jokes and secret whispers.

It's the telephone calls just to say "Hi" that last for hours.

Love is a very special someone.

It's a caring compassionate heart.

Love is an overpowering emotion.

It's knowing, sensing, feeling.

Love is eternal, not just a few years.

It's a feeling to be treasured and shared.

Love, simply put, is us.

Jim Bullen 1988