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Last Updated November 22, 1998


These Pages Serve the Dual Purpose of Letting Others as Well as Myself Know Just Who I Am. There may be many contradictions, but they are what I feel.

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I Believe in a Collective Soul.

I Believe Charity is a way to Keep a good Man Down.

I Believe the Old Testament describes Encounters with E.T.'s.

I Believe that Good, Not Evil is the Norm.

I Believe in Reincarnation.

I Believe we continue on this Plane of Existence until our Soul has achieved perfect Balance before Moving on to the Next Plane.

I Believe we should not Judge others, lest they judge Us.

I Believe Music is an Expression of the Soul.

I Believe in Religious Freedom.

I Believe in saying "Bless You" after someone Sneezes.



Jim Bullen 11/22/98