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Politics and the Law


Last Updated November 22, 1998


These Pages Serve the Dual Purpose of Letting Others as Well as Myself Know Just Who I Am. There may be many contradictions, but they are what I feel.

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I Believe in freedom of choice.

I Believe the State should let the People run themselves whenever possible and participate only minimally where not.

I Believe in Capitol Punishment.

I Believe our Prison Systems teach inmates to be better criminals.

I Believe Marijuana should be Decriminalized.

I Believe every Confrontation can be resolved with Dialogue.

I Believe the Pen is mightier than the Sword.

I Believe in Everyone's right to Freedom from Oppression.

I Believe Racial Boundaries should fall.

I Believe in a Global Village.

I Believe in the importance of Personal Privacy.

I Believe in Freedom of Information.

I Believe that Private Enterprise is the cornerstone of the Economy.

I Believe the Government should not pay for something the People can.

I Believe in the Power of the People.

I Believe in Survival of the Fittest.

I Believe in Honesty.

I Believe Charity is a way to Keep a good man Down.

I Believe the World will become a Cashless Society within 2 decades.

I Believe the Government should have a Lottery to pay down the National Debt.

I Believe in the Entrenchment of Property Rights.

I Believe the Judicial System is way too Lax.

I Believe in the Rights of Smokers.

I Believe the Young Offenders Act should be Abolished.

I Believe that Special Interest Groups should get their Funding from their own Members and Not from the Government.


Jim Bullen 11/22/98