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Morals and Ethics


Last Updated November 22, 1998


These Pages Serve the Dual Purpose of Letting Others as Well as Myself Know Just Who I Am. There may be many contradictions, but they are what I feel.

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I Believe Racial Boundaries should Fall.

I Believe in Survival of the Fittest.

I Believe Charity is a way to Keep a good Man Down.

I Believe in Honesty.

I Believe Advancement should go to the Most Qualified.

I Believe that Good, Not Evil is the Norm.

I Believe in the Value of my Word.

I Believe that Attitude is Everything.

I Believe in being Nice to Everyone.

I Believe we should not Judge what we do not Understand.

I Believe we should appreciate what we have, and enjoy what is before it isn't.

I Believe in giving others the Benefit of the Doubt.

I Believe in Punctuality and Promptness.

I Believe in Good Work Ethics.

I Believe in doing Favours without want for return.

I Believe in holding Doors open for Others.

I Believe in Keeping an Open Mind.

I Believe in Trying just about Anything Once.

I Believe the World owes me Nothing, but I owe the World Everything.

I Believe we should not Judge others, lest they judge Us.

I Believe in being Optimistic.

I Believe in Treating Women as Women.

I Believe in saying "Bless You" after someone Sneezes.

I Believe in treating Elders with Respect.

I Believe in a Sense of Achievement.

I Believe in Working for what I Want.

I Believe in Fair Play.

I Believe in Setting realistic Goals.

I Believe in Myself.

I Believe in Pride in Workmanship.

I Believe in picking up Hitch-Hikers.

I Believe in being a Child at Heart until the Day I Die.

Jim Bullen 11/22/98