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The Following Poem is Copyrighted by Jim Bullen 11/22/98 and may not be reprinted in whole or in part without prior written approval by the Author.

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I Had a Dream

I had a dream.

A beauty to behold,

a story to be told,

that which was my dream.

Her golden hair,

that certain flair,

there amidst my dream.

Those lonely eyes,

they told no lies;

Oh! What a dream!

I had a dream.

We'd simply talk,

or take a walk,

to places in my dream.

Her and I,

we'd touch the sky,

there within my dream.

We passed the test,

those times were best.

My! What a dream!

I had a dream.

But when I awoke,

My heart it broke;

It was just a dream.

But was I really sleeping?

Jim Bullen 8/30/88