Thoughts & Beliefs

Education and the Media


Last Updated November 22, 1998


These Pages Serve the Dual Purpose of Letting Others as Well as Myself Know Just Who I Am. There may be many contradictions, but they are what I feel.

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I Believe the Media should portray the World in a more Positive Light.

I Believe the Future lies in Today's Education.

I Believe the Media should Stop aiming at the Lowest Common Denominator.

I Believe in Continuing Education.

I Believe in Exploring ones Creativity.

I Believe that Most Television is a Mind Drain.

I Believe in Learning something New each Day.

I Believe the Mind flows freer when slightly Numbed.

I Believe our Education System is a Failure in preparing Youth for the Real World.

I Believe we should pay More Attention to our Past, Learn from our Mistakes, and Work on our Successes.

I Believe in Proper Grammar. (even though mine is far from perfect)

I Believe Culture should be Taught at Home, not in School.




Jim Bullen 11/22/98